What exactly is Parimatch and how do you play on it?

Olive Rios
August 12, 2021

You may have seen advertisements on streaming services like Hotstar and SonyLiv by Parimatch. The website was one of the first betting sites that started to advertise aggressively to Indians. You can read a definitive Parimatch India review to understand more about its origins but the gist is that it is a website that you can trust.


Let us answer a few common questions that we get regarding Parimatch.


Is Parimatch a betting website?


Yes, it is. While the advertisements only hint about real-money contests, it is a betting website that is now looking to grow aggressively in India. You may be wondering about the legality of Parimatch as well. As the law currently stands in India, online websites are not technically illegal and so by the law of omission, you are free to play at them.


It is a bit of a gray area for sure but one that is being exploited by every single betting website to offer its services in India.


Does Parimatch offer cricket contests?


To be more accurate, Parimatch offers betting markets for each and every cricket match that you can think of. You will be given odds for a particular outcome and you can then stake your money on what you think is going to happen.


For example, there may be a Delhi Capitals vs Mumbai Indians IPL match about to happen. The odds that Parimatch offers are 1.90 on Mumbai Indians to win or 2.20 on Delhi Capitals to win.


If you bet Rs. 100 on the Delhi Capitals you will get back Rs. 220 if they win.


Is Parimatch the same as fantasy gaming?


In a lot of ways, fantasy gaming and betting are quite similar. You are putting your money on something that is going to happen and then benefiting by being right. In the eyes of the law, though, fantasy games are skill-based but betting is a game of chance. This makes one outside the purview of gambling laws in the country while the other one is obviously smack in the middle of their jurisdiction.   


Should you play at Parimatch?


You can play at Parimatch and win some money but you could also just as easily lose the same amount. Be careful about how much money you are playing with and look to have fun rather than try and make money.


We are not here to tell you what to do or not to do but if in fact you do decide to try your hand at cricket betting then Parimatch is an excellent place to start.

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