Is a Gaming Chair Good for Your Back?

Olive Rios
July 27, 2021


The day has come: time to stream yourself gaming on Twitch. However, even outside of Twitch, you play video games a lot. You're wondering if a gaming chair vs office chair would be better. 

Are gaming chairs good for your back? This is the question. When thinking about proper gaming chair posture compared to what you have going on now, the answer is yes! 

The Perks of a Gaming Chair vs Office Chair

There are many perks of a gaming chair vs office chair. Take a peek below at why a gaming chair should be on your radar rather than the same old office chair you've been using for years. 

The Seat Is Not Flat

In a gaming chair, the seat is not flat. It is often called a "bucket seat" because it cradles you as your sit. This can help relieve pain in your lumbar discs. 

The Backrest Is Better for Gaming Chair Lumbar Support

You can count on a gaming chair to have a tall backrest, such as the PU leather gaming chair. A tall backrest means that your back, shoulders, neck, and head are all supported. 

For those with back pain due to spinal misalignment or not using the right chair for your spine, a tall backrest can help support your spinal column. Most office chairs are not tall; they only reach mid-back. 

A Gaming Chair Can Recline

"But office chairs can recline too!" you retort. True, but because an office chair only goes up to mid-back, reclining does more harm than good when compared to a gaming chair. 

Because a gaming chair has a tall backrest, it can support your entire spine, neck, shoulders, and head as you lean back without adding pressure to your back. 

All the Ergonomics

All gaming chairs have ergonomic prowess compared to office chairs. It not only supports your back but also can help prevent chronic back pain in the future. 

With a neck pillow and a lumbar pillow attached to your gaming chair, you are taking precautions to keep your spine in alignment. Any spinal misalignment can, again, cause chronic lower back pain. 

When you invest in a gaming chair, you know you are getting a whole slew of benefits including neck support, lumbar support, and more. 

So, Are Gaming Chairs Good for Your Back?

Well, are gaming chairs good for your back? The short answer is yes. The longer answer includes all of the information you read above. 

In addition to being good for your back, gaming chairs are also great for neck alignment, improving your posture, and staving off depression. 

The answer is clear: between a gaming chair vs office chair, go with a gaming chair. 

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