Green Party's Annamie Paul survives emergency meeting over leadership

Joanna Estrada
Июня 16, 2021

The motion also calls for Paul to "explicitly support" the Green Party caucus.

When Atwin announced last week that she was crossing the floor to join the Liberals, she said there were too many "distractions" in the Green Party and she wanted to work in a more "supportive and collaborative" environment.

Tyrrell said he believes Paul should step aside after she failed, in his view, to unite disparate party factions and disavow comments from her former spokesman, Noah Zatzman, that accused Green MPs of antisemitism.

Speaking to reporters after Atwin's announcement, Paul said she was blindsided by her departure and only learned about it from media reports.

Should the National Council vote by a three-quarter majority on July 20 to review Annamie Paul's leadership, the actual review would be conducted by all Green party members at a general meeting already planned for August.

Canada's Green Party was increasingly mired in an internal dispute over its position on Israel on Tuesday, and a news report said the bloc would hold a vote next month on whether to oust its leader, Annamie Paul, who was elected just eight months ago. "There are those who are not happy with the results, including others who ran (for the leadership), but there will be an automatic leadership review after the next election", Paul said.

Last month, during the Israel-Gaza conflict, Atwin tweeted that she stood "with Palestine (to) condemn the unthinkable air strikes in Gaza", and called for an "end (to) apartheid".

Zatzman responded with a Facebook post stating that Greens "will work to defeat you and bring in progressive climate champions who are antifa and pro LGBT and pro indigenous sovereignty and Zionists!"

Also circulating on social media during Monday's town hall were two letters for members to sign. Officials were expected to hold a vote on whether to trigger a complex process under the party's constitution which could've declared no-confidence in Paul's leadership.

The federal council consists of 18 voting members, including the party leader, and one non-voting member, who's the interim executive director. One of them was John Kidder, a vice-president on the party's governing body and husband to MP and former leader Elizabeth May. In practical terms, that will make it more hard to get the necessary three-quarters vote majority on July 20 to oust the leader under the party's constitution.

Green MP Jenica Atwin - who has since left the Green caucus to join the Liberals - ripped into Paul's statement on Twitter.

According to the Green party's constitution, removing Paul as leader would need to be done "by motion at a general meeting, following a non-confidence vote supported by three-quarters of federal council at a meeting called for that goal".

The move comes just a year and a half after Paul became the first woman of colour to win the leadership of a federal party.

A source close to Paul confirmed she will attend the federal council's meeting on Tuesday evening.

The next regularly scheduled meeting will be on June 29.

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