Crazy QAnon Coup in Dallas June 2021

Marco Green
June 2, 2021

In his Telegram post on Monday, Flynn claimed the "media" was "manipulating" his words.

Sidney Powell, who filed several third-party lawsuits on behalf of former President Donald Trump and who had represented Flynn in a case, said that the media "grossly distorted" his comments, adding that he doesn't endorse "any act of violence or any military insurrection".

"The constitutionality of retirement jurisdiction over retirement crimes is what we are now challenging in the military Court of Appeals and the DC Circuit Court", he tweeted.

Vindman, a member of the US Army's legal arm, said the remarks were "seditious".

The Myanmar coup is popular with QAnon supporters as the military there overthrew civilian leadership with unsubstantiated claims of electoral fraud.

Video of the interaction circulated across social media immediately following Flynn's remarks Sunday.

'Hello SecDef! Can we get a Court Martial? Put him back in duty and dismiss him in disgrace. "My taxpayer dollars shouldn't be paying for any of his benefits".

'Wow. It don't get much more traitory than this, ' added another. But Judge Emmet Sullivan said Flynn had behaved in a traitorous manner and gave the former three-star general the option of receiving a potentially tough prison sentence now - or wait until Muellers investigation was closer to being completed to better demonstrate his cooperation with investigators. "Indeed, rebellious words are not subject to Trump's amnesty", Muriel Burrows said.

Flynn denied suggesting a Myanmar-style military coup should happen in the U.S., reported Business Insider on Monday afternoon.

"I think it may be a good time to bring veteran Michael Flynn back into service, go to court martial, and deprive him of his rank and interests for conspiracy and sedition against the United States".

'Minimar? sounds like dude has been spending too much time at the minibar, ' joked one Twitter user who noticed Flynn's mispronunciation.

Returning to the Republican coup that is already underway ...

Fox News contributor Byron York is the most surprising voice of dissent here, as he clearly suggested that Trump's continued public statements like this will come with an increased "number of Republicans who say they are ready to move on".

Trump supporters clash with police and security forces as people try to storm the US Capitol in Washington D.C.

"FBI, arrest this guy". He is asking Americans to turn against their government!', demanded another Twitter follower. The Trump White House fired Yevgeny Vindman in February 2020.

One interview aired on CNN showed Trump supporters advocating for a military coup to take over and "redo" the election, remove "puppet president" Joe Biden and hold a new inauguration for Trump.

In late 2020, Trump pardoned Flynn in a move that ended a yearslong criminal case related to the Russian Federation investigation.

In 2017, Trump fired Flynn after just weeks on the job after it was revealed he did not disclose his contacts with Russia's former ambassador to the U.S. to Vice President Mike Pence.

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