China rocket falling - latest: Spacecraft will crash crash within hours, experts warn

Ruben Hill
May 8, 2021

"It makes the Chinese rocket designers look lazy that they didn't address this", he said, calling the failure to do so "negligent".

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin told reporters in Beijing, "Most of the components will be ablated and destroyed during the re-entry process" into the atmosphere.

The rocket launch is part of China's increasingly ambitious space programme, with Beijing planning at least 10 similar launches to carry equipment into orbit.

United States experts have expressed concern over the rocket that will make an uncontrolled re-entry.

The largest section of the rocket that launched the main module of China's first permanent space station into orbit is expected to plunge back to Earth as early as Saturday at an unknown location.

The most amusing part of the Global Times apologia was Song telling everyone to forget about the 21 tons of risky debris China sent whirling around the Earth, and focus on the rocket's use of "environmentally friendly fuel" that should not "cause water pollution if the debris falls into the ocean".

The Communist Party newspaper Global Times said the stage's "thin-skinned" aluminum-alloy exterior will easily burn up in the atmosphere, posing an extremely remote risk to people.

The U.S. Space Command has been tracking the used launch vehicle.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said Thursday the USA has no plans to shoot down a Chinese rocket hurling back toward earth this weekend, but he hopes it will land in the ocean.

Its exact point of descent "cannot be pinpointed until within hours of its re-entry", which is projected to occur on Saturday. Its orbit covers a swath of the planet from New Zealand to Newfoundland.

On 29 April, China launched the Long March 5B carrier rocket with the main module for its future orbital station.

The United States has said it is committed to addressing the risks of congestion due to space debris and wants to work with the worldwide community "to promote leadership and responsible space behaviors".

The space station will be complete by 2022, with China also planning to build a moon base in cooperation with Russian Federation.

Beijing's space agency has lost control of the rocket, violating worldwide standards that rockets return to earth in a controlled manner.

In March, debris from a Falcon 9 rocket launched by US aeronautics company SpaceX fell to Earth in Washington state and on the OR coast.

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