Explosion at New Hampshire gender reveal party rocks several towns

Ruben Hill
April 23, 2021

Some thought it was an quake, according to NBC Boston, as the rumble was felt at least 20 miles away in northern MA.

A gender reveal party triggered quake reports across state lines after a family used industrial quantities of explosives to announce their child's genitals to the world.

It was soon discovered that the source of the shaking had been a huge explosion of Tannerite, an explosive used in target practice, at a nearby quarry.

The explosion in southeastern New Hampshire involved more than 80 pounds of a legal explosive called Tannerite and blue chalk, and was set off around 7 p.m. Tuesday, April 20 at Torromeo Industries in Kingston, located on Dorre Road, Kingston Police Chief Donald Briggs said.

According to a source who spoke with ABC News, federal investigators are looking at videos from September 4, 2017, where Chauvin is reportedly seen, "striking a Black teenager in the head so hard that the boy needed stitches, then allegedly holding the boy down with his knee for almost 17 minutes, and allegedly ignoring complaints from the boy that he couldn't breathe".

"Obviously, depending on the amount [of explosives] they were using, it could be extremely unsafe", Briggs said, according to the news outlet.

Police said an investigation is ongoing and they will make a determination on charges. Officers watched a video of the reveal and can confirm that the child was a boy, if anyone cares.

In the wake of the explosion, people as far south as the Merrimack Valley in MA flocked to social media to share their thoughts and questions about the blast, NBC Boston reported. However, NBC Boston's meteorologists confirmed there were no earthquakes reported around the time of the explosion.

Gender reveal parties, in which parents reveal the gender of their expected baby, have become increasingly popular in recent years.

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