Trump State Department aide charged with assault at Capitol

Lawrence Kim
Марта 5, 2021

The FBI says it has arrested Federico Klein, a former State Department official appointed by former President Donald Trump, over the January 6 mob attack at the U.S. Capitol. A LinkedIn profile the Federal Bureau of Investigation identified as Klein's also lists a top-secret security clearance and shows that Klein has been politically active in the Republican Party since at least 2008, when he began volunteering for political campaigns.

Klein worked on Trump's 2016 campaign and was then hired at the State Department.

According to a former colleague, Klein also worked in the Brazilian and Southern Cone Affairs -- which manages relationships with Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, and Uruguay -- and was later transferred to an office that processes Freedom of Information Act requests. He earned $15,000 there, according to a financial disclosure he filed when he joined the State Department. He was paid an additional $5,000 by the campaign in 2017, the FEC records show. George Allen (R-Va.).

Klein is the first person to be charged in connection with the Capitol riot who held a position in the Trump administration at the time of the attack.

Politico's Josh Gerstein reached Klein's mother, Cecelia Klein, by telephone Thursday evening, and she said that she and her son had differing political views and therefore usually abstained from discussing political topics, but he had confirmed that he had been in the area that day.

"As far as I know, he was on the Mall".

She said she came away from the conversation with the impression that her son had not entered the Capitol, but she could not recall whether he specifically denied that. "I'm not sure he used those words", she said. A Trump spokesman said he had no comment.

"Fred's politics burn a little hot, but I've never known him to violate the law", she told Politico. He also worked at the conservative advocacy organization, Family Research Council, which lobbies against pornography, abortion, divorce, and LGBT rights. He graduated from George Mason University in 2002, the page says.

Klein did not respond to voicemail and text messages seeking comment on Thursday. Numerous 300-plus people who have been charged in connection with the insurrection have described themselves as Trump supporters, while some have ties to extremist groups like the Proud Boys and the Oath Keepers.

Klein faces charges for unlawful entry with intent to disrupt government business and for engaging in physical violence; disorderly conduct with intent disrupt Congress; obstruction of an official proceeding; obstructing or interfering with law enforcement in the course of their official duties and during civil disorder; assaulting police while using a deadly or unsafe weapon.

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