New Zealand officials warn coastal residents of possible tsunami threat after natural disaster

Marco Green
Марта 4, 2021

UPDATE 3.33AM: A tsunami warning has been issued for New Zealand.

A 7.2-magnitude natural disaster struck off the coast of New Zealand's North Island on Friday (March 5), triggering a tsunami warning from the authorities.

"There is a land and marine threat".

Strong and unusual currents and unpredictable surges near the shore are expected in the following areas.

The first wave may not be the largest. "Tsunami activity will continue for several hours and the threat must be regarded as real until this warning is canceled".

New Zealand government's seismic monitor Geonet pegged the quake at a magnitude of 7.2 with a depth of 94 km (58 miles).

The Japan Meteorological Agency said the quake will not cause a tsunami that would affect the country.

New Zealand authorities have urged an evacuation in a 100-mile stretch of coast on the North Island, telling people to flee to high ground or "as far inland as possible".

The quake had an initial reading of 7.3, however, it was revised moments later.

Wellington man Wilson Chau said the rolling natural disaster lasted "a good 30-ish seconds". "It was rolling back and forth". It struck 105km to the east of Te Araroa.

There reporter Anusha Bradley says she and hundreds of people have evacuated up to Haumoana School.

The message posted on Facebook and Instagram was accompanied by a map showing the earthquake's "felt reports".

"My bed was rocking and I could hear my rocking chair outside moving".

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