Alek Minassian found guilty of all charges in 2018 Toronto van attack

Marco Green
Марта 4, 2021

Alek Minassian had pleaded not guilty to ten counts of first-degree murder and 16 of attempted murder. "He knew their families would grieve", she stated when reading the conclusion of her ruling.

Justice Anne Molloy said there was no doubt his actions were planned and deliberate and that he was fully aware of what he was doing.

Robert Forsyth, whose 94-year-old aunt Betty Forsyth died after being hit from behind by Minassian, welcomed Molloy's decision. As of Tuesday, Alan Dershowitz, a member of the Trump legal defense for the ex-president's first Senate impeachment trial, said "nobody [on the Trump team] has reached out to me yet" regarding this suit, but added that he personally believes Trump's rhetoric on January 6 is "protected by the First Amendment" and that "I would hope that the ACLU would take on a case like this."The suit adds to a growing list of legal troubles now facing former President Trump, his family, and his associates, since leaving office.After a victory at the Supreme Court in February, Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance obtained copies of Trump's tax returns".

"We now can start to close this very bad chapter and try to move on to a new norm". It does not matter that he does not have remorse, nor empathize with the victims. Lack of empathy for the suffering of victims, even an incapacity to empathize for whatever reason, does not constitute a defence under s. 16 of the Criminal Code. Minassian had stopped his rampage, he told police, only after his windshield was obscured by a splashed drink, and his trial heard he'd do it all again if he were let out of jail to better his "kill count". Just prior to the attack, he posted on Facebook: "The incel rebellion has already begun" and referred to American mass killer Elliot Rodger, who committed a similar attack in California.

Minassian, 28, told police he belonged to an online community of sexually frustrated men, some of whom have plotted attacks on people who have sex. But in subsequent interviews with doctors, he gave different motives for the attack, including seeking notoriety.

He told them he had a strong desire to commit a mass killing, he was lonely, anxious he'd fail at his upcoming software development job, a belief he'd never have a relationship with a woman, his infatuation with a mass murderer and, what many point to as his biggest motivator, the quest for notoriety.

A verdict is expected today in the Toronto van attack trial.

"Unfortunately, April 23, 2018, was also the date selected by John Doe, weeks in advance, that he would kill as many residents as possible", Molloy said, adding the man sought to be killed by responding officers immediately following the attack. When it turned green, he floored it, hopping the curb.

Minassian had driven a rented van at high speeds along two kilometers (more than a mile) of roads and sidewalks, indiscriminately targeting passers-by.

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