Top Chinese Official Outlines Plan to Ensure 'Patriots' Run Hong Kong

Joanna Estrada
Февраля 26, 2021

The news comes after Xia Baolong said in a speech on Monday Hong Kong's executive, legislative and judicial branches must consist of "true patriots", adding opponents of the Chinese and Hong Kong governments were "destroyers" who should lose their influence in the future.

China enacted a national security law in Hong Kong past year, cracking down on pro-democracy activists following large-scale demonstrations in 2019.

Hong Kong experienced severe political turmoil in 2019 when anti-government rioters used scorched earth strategies to paralyze the city in pursuit of their political goals.

He also said the territory's electoral system should be quickly improved.

Lam said in in a news conference on Monday that reforms would not be created to limit the influence of pro-democracy politicians but that no one in government should engage in unpatriotic activities, such as colluding with foreign powers to subvert China's central government.

Xia was quoted as saying that Hong Kong should always be governed by patriots in order to ensure the steady and sustained implementation of "one country, two systems". Xia did not discuss what the changes should entail or when they may occur, but he stressed that key leadership posts in Hong Kong must not go to those who oppose China or seek to sow confusion in the city. "While the package adopted in July was well received at the time, the EU's position is coming under increasing scrutiny as the situation deteriorates".

Beijing's most immediate goal appears to be purging critics of the Chinese Communist Party from the 1,200-member committee that selects chief executives.

The Bill potentially paves the way for the mass disqualification of pro-democracy politicians who took nearly 90 per cent of 452 district council seats in Hong Kong in the 2019 elections, defeating the pro-Beijing camp. Changes under consideration reportedly include a ban against "unpatriotic" candidates in Hong Kong elections.

Ms Lam said: "We are very determined, very committed to rolling out a free and universal vaccination program for the people of Hong Kong so that we could get ourselves out of this epidemic as soon as possible".

Beijing's top official for the city said on Monday that China faces the "critical and urgent" task of overhauling Hong Kong's electoral system.

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