Texas Man Hit With $16000 Electricity Bill After Storm Hits The State

Marco Green
Февраля 26, 2021

Texas has become one of the worst-hit states since the bad weather has led to massive power outages, the suspension of refineries and other businesses.

Those are just some of the sky-high electricity bills that Texans have reported receiving from their private utility providers in the aftermath of Winter Storm Uri, which overwhelmed the state's deregulated and fossil fuel-dependent energy grid and caused widespread power outages amid frigid temperatures.

Texas' energy market is wildly unregulated and, as the Times writes, "allows customers to pick their electricity providers among about 220 retailers in an entirely market-driven system".

"It is unacceptable for Texans who suffered through days in the freezing cold without electricity or heat to now be hit with skyrocketing energy costs", Abbott said before the meeting.

Turner, who served 27 years in the Texas House prior to being elected mayor of America's fourth biggest city, filed a bill in the legislature in 2011 calling for the prevention of blackouts by ensuring there is enough reserve power capacity in the state.

'When they're getting these exorbitant electricity bills and they're having to pay for their homes, fix their homes, they should not have to bear the responsibility'.

San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg, an independent, told CNN Sunday that "it would be unconscionable for bills to go up and for bills to be put on the backs of residents of the state that have been suffering and freezing their homes for the last week, through no fault of their own". It will probably be a partner on this.

"We are monitoring irregularities in the Texas energy markets following last week's freeze", Rostin Behnam, acting chair of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, said in a speech Tuesday. ". there's going to have to be dollars follow that to help these folks who don't have the ability to pay this themselves".

On February 19, the Texas Railroad Commission (RRC) said it was keeping tabs on the potential for hikes in gas bills and outlined that it was working with utilities, consumer groups and others to avoid situations where customers may get unusually high bills in the coming weeks.

Democratic Senator Tina Smith of Minnesota wrote a letter to regulators Saturday urging them to investigate possible price gouging for natural gas. "We want what's right by our consumers, so we are encouraging them to leave".

Social media users have shared their experiences with the extraordinary electricity bills, with some of them reportedly reaching up to $17,000.

Wholesale electricity prices fluctuate based on demand.

The Texas National Guard and military members from several states were helping to deliver and distribute bottled water to Texans in need, Abbott said.

But Texans are demanding concrete and sweeping action from the state government, not mere empty rhetoric, to prevent the power crisis from sending families into financial ruin.

"This Arctic blast highlighted weakness in our energy infrastructure that will likely be challenged and stressed more often in the future as a result of more frequent extreme weather events", Behnam said.

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