Marjorie Taylor Greene blasted for attacking colleague’s transgender child

Joanna Estrada
February 26, 2021

"Thought we'd put up our Transgender flag so she can look at it every time she opens her door", she added along with a video of herself placing the trans pride flag directly opposite Greene's office.

After a debate over the Equality Act, Rep. Marie Newman put a transgender flag outside of her office.

The poll found that 18 percent of the 1,986 registered voters surveyed have a favorable opinion of Greene after she was stripped of her committee positions, compared with 13 percent before the Republican congresswoman's removal from those posts.

Greene, who has a history of transphobia, told the House that the Equality Act "destroys God's creation" and "completely annihilates women's rights and religious freedoms".

Kinzinger was also one of only 10 House Republicans to support Donald Trump's second impeachment.

That prompted Newman, whose new office in Washington's Longworth House Office Building is directly across the hall from Taylor Greene's, to display a transgender flag in the hallway.

Newman did so after Greene attempted to derail the Equality Act, which is expected to pass Thursday in the House of Representatives.

"I'm immensely proud of my daughter and that's all anyone is asking for is to be treated as anyone else", Newman said, "and that's what I want Representative Greene to see".

"Our neighbour, [Majorie Taylor Greene], tried to block the Equality Act because she believes prohibiting discrimination against trans Americans is "disgusting, immoral, and evil", tweeted Newman, who has a trans daughter.

Greene, who has three children, responded on Twitter: "As mothers, we all love and support our children".

"If she has to compete against boys in her sport, not only will they be on her playing field and she has to compete against them, they will be in her locker room, they will be in her showers, they will be in her bathroom, they will be in her hotel room when she travels with her team", Taylor Greene said. Originally an activist, Newman founded her own anti-bullying non-profit before signing on to lead a coalition of 70 anti-bullying groups nationwide.

A Republican congresswoman embroiled in controversy has hung a sign showing her opposition to the Equality Act, a stance described by one Democratic opponent as "sickening".

Rep. Adam Kinzinger, an outspoken anti-Trump Republican representative, said in a tweet that Greene's actions "represent the hate and fame driven politics of self promotion at all evil costs".

The duo are feuding over the controversial Equality Act, which is now being debated in the House. "This is about women's and girls" rights. "I hope that every colleague of mine will put aside their political differences and realize putting on the Equality Act is the wrong thing to do". I will proudly vote NO'.

Newman is supporting the Equality Act, which bolsters trans rights. "Americans like my own daughter, who years ago bravely came out to her parents as transgender".

'Thank you, [Marie Newman]. So glad to welcome you to Congress'.

Majorie Taylor Greene has mounted blistering attacks against the bill, positioning it as a threat to women's rights (it's not) that would protect paedophiles (it doesn't). 'Have Democrats actually read the bill?

In response to Taylor Greene's tweets, U.S. Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi, another Illinois Democrat, wrote, "Sometimes on Twitter, as in life, people remind you exactly who and what they are".

"Your sign is incorrect because it's not what the science says", Lieu tweeted Wednesday evening, quoting a Scientific American column that concludes: "The science is clear and conclusive: sex is not binary, transgender people are real".

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