Myanmar coup: Woman, 20, dies after being shot in the head

Lawrence Kim
February 22, 2021

British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab condemned the shooting, indicating that Britain will consider additional sanctions against Myanmar's military members. Another one died later with a bullet wound to the chest."Police were not available for comment".

Several other serious injuries were reported.

SBS News website: Save our website as a favourite. Earlier today, the Myanmar police arrested famous Burmese actor Lu Min, who was "wanted" under anti-incitement law for supporting the opposition and encouraging civil servants to join the protest. Reuters says witnesses found cartridges for live rounds alongside rubber bullets on the ground.

Police dispersed the protest with rubber bullets. The military seized power from the country's democratically elected government on February 1.

State Department spokesman Ned Price said the United States was "deeply concerned" by the violence.

There were reports of sounds that resembled gunfire.

The coup triggered mass protests across the country.

Earlier in the week in Mandalay, the AP notes, state railway workers joining a civil disobedience movement were met with similar force by security forces. Videos posted on social media showed muzzle flashes and police firing off slingshots and throwing rocks at buildings. Marching chants of "left, right, left, right" could be heard along with shouts of "shoot, shoot".

An impromptu memorial created under an elevated roadway in Yangon attracted around 1,000 protesters.

The paper did not mention the deaths but said: "Some of the aggressive protesters were also injured due to the security measures conducted by the security force".

The European Union also responded that it strongly condemned violence against peaceful civilian protesters by the military.

Saturday's deaths follow the death Friday of a young woman who was shot in the head during protests last week.

An injured man is carried by rescue workers after protests against the military coup, in Mandalay, Myanmar, February 20, 2021.

Sunday's Foreign Ministry statement reiterated the junta's stance that the takeover was constitutional and said remarks by some embassies and foreign countries "are tantamount to flagrant interference in internal affairs of Myanmar".

The protests against the coup that overthrew the government of veteran democracy campaigner Suu Kyi have shown no sign of dying down.

Facebook on Sunday deleted the main page of the Myanmar military under its standards prohibiting the incitement of violence, the company said, a day after two protesters were killed when police opened fire at a demonstration against the Feb 1 coup. It had already taken down other accounts linked to the military.

Use of a live round by security forces is strongly suspected. The Kachin ethnic minority has always been in conflict with the central government, and there has been an intermittent armed struggle against the army there for decades.

The junta took power after detaining Suu Kyi and preventing Parliament from convening, saying elections last November were tainted by voting irregularities. The election outcome, in which Suu Kyi's party won by a landslide, was affirmed by an election commission that has since been replaced by the military. The Tatmadaw declared a state of emergency and promised to hold a fair vote next year.

"We condemn any violence against the people of Burma and reiterate our calls on the Burmese military to refrain from violence against peaceful protesters. the United States will continue to lead the diplomatic effort to galvanize the worldwide community into collective action against those responsible for this coup", spokesman Ned Price said in a press briefing on Friday.

They have also called for the scrapping of a 2008 constitution that has assured the army a major role in politics since almost 50 years of direct military rule ended in 2011.

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