Hyundai introduces advanced robot for customer services

Joanna Estrada
January 27, 2021

DAL-e would be an ideal solution for customers who want thorough information about cars they want to buy, Hyundai said. That's why Hyundai has developed a new artificially intelligent customer service robot.

Facial recognition lets DAL-e identify specific people, and it has been specially created to understand natural language, in order to respond to all kinds of requests.

According to Hyundai, this means that the robot can recognize when someone has entered the showroom without wearing a mask, and can then advise them to wear one. It also includes facial recognition tools and an automated communication system that enables it to communicate with customers.

'With continuous updates and improvements, the DAL-e will provide fresh, pleasant experiences to our valued customers in a contact-free environment'.

The robot is 1.16 meters tall, weighs 80 kg and has four omnidirectional wheels. Its features are emotive and responsive, which may appeal to customers looking to use it for assistance in the showroom more.

For the moment, Hyundai has announced the launch of a pilot operation in one of its showrooms in Seoul (South Korea), in the aim of optimizing the experience before putting it to use in other Hyundai and Kia showrooms, or in other fields requiring everyday interactions. In addition, it can wirelessly connect to a large screen in the venue and collect entertaining information such as explaining vehicles and technologies, inviting visitors to take pictures with it, and providing gestural feedback using its moving arms. In terms of its communication capability, it can engage in an automated and smooth dialogue with customers by providing useful information on products and services and responding to verbal and screen touch commands.

At the exhibition hall where it debuted, DAL-e was credited with easing the staff's workflow by offering hands-on help to customers, especially those who do not prefer to be assisted by human staff in light of the pandemic and those who visited the venue during busy times like the weekend.

Finally, Hyundai Motor Group plans to constantly update Hyundai DAL-e based on data from pilot operations and to flawless its operational capabilities as an advanced android robot.

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