The Google Search app is getting redesigned and here's the first look

Joanna Estrada
January 24, 2021

As mentioned earlier, the redesign will roll out in the coming days and Google has not shared an exact date for the same.

"It's about simplifying the experience and getting people to the information they're looking for as clearly and quickly as possible", said Google designer Aileen Cheng who led the design refresh initiative.

I know that sounds all a bit abstract and vague, but the key takeaway is that Google intends to provide more visual space for viewing search results, using colors to bring attention to important aspects of the search results, and making things appear more "bubbly" and "bouncy" to go along with the current gist of Google's design language. The new Google Search mobile redesign is rolling out in the coming days. "We're not just organizing the web's information, but all the world's information", Aileen says. According to Google's new blog release, Aileen said that five different improvements drove her plan. "We started with organising web pages, but now there's so much diversity in the types of content and information we have to help make sense of". One was to make it easier for users to read text by making it bigger and bolder; this will help the human eye scan and understand Google Search results faster.

Google is also extending its use of the Google Sans font, which you are probably already quite familiar with thanks to its use in Gmail and Android. This isn't some major redesign but we're talking about minor tweaks that the designers surely obsessed over but that the users may not even really notice.

Aileen and her team also changed up the use of color, so that it's applied to more intentional elements of the search results, such as interactive icons. The search field itself is now more prominent. Now if Google had made it significantly easier to distinguish ads from the content you are actually looking for, that would've been something. Google also tried playing with bold colours and muted tones but ultimately decided on a clean background for images, Aileen said. Each letter of the Google logo, along with the search bar and magnifying glass icon themselves, will be rounder than before.

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