International News UN watch taunts Museveni following his win at Uganda polls

Joanna Estrada
January 24, 2021

While he lead his opposition party, the National Unity Platform (NUP), to a sweeping victory in Uganda's parliament, Wine lost to Museveni in the presidential race, according to the Ugandan state Electoral Commission (EC) over the weekend.

But Wine whose real name is Robert Kyagulanyi rejected the election results, saying he has evidence of widespread voting fraud.

Meanwhile the Daily Monitor newspaper reported Monday that thousands of votes at more than 1,200 polling booths were not included in the final presidential election result.

The entertainer, whose song Tuliyambala Engule (We Shall Wear the Victor's Crown) has become one of unofficial anthems of the election campaign, says he wants the world to know that Uganda is under captivity. Internet was partially restored in Uganda on January 18, 2021 after a near-total blackout was imposed across the country on January 13, 2021 ahead of the country's elections.

He has been under house arrest after military surrounded his home on Friday, he said. "His home is not a detention facility", he said.

Ugandan police are holding at least 223 suspects over election-related offenses, police said in a statement Monday.

Ortagus said the government was "deeply troubled" by credible reports of "security force violence" and election irregularities before and during the polls.

Wine is allowed to leave his home under "escort" in order to prevent his followers from "instigating riots and violent demonstrations", he said.

Throughout the campaigns, the president, symbolically the old man with the gun, met with the challenge from a crowd mobiliser, the young man with a mic, who chants urban protest lyrics for the underprivileged youths to lose their fear and vote out the incumbent. Museveni's support is concentrated in rural areas, where many still praise him for bringing stability. The official results declared a win for General Yoweri Museveni, handing him a sixth consecutive term.

We implore the African Union and the global community to unreservedly hold to account countries that do not respect democratic principles and human rights in line with worldwide norms and practises as not doing promotes undemocratic elections and authoritarianism.

Uganda's elections are often marked by allegations of fraud and abuses by security forces.

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