Google, group of French publishers sign copyright news payment deal

Marco Green
January 22, 2021

A Paris appeals court ruled in October that the United States giant had to continue to negotiate with French news publishers over a new European law on neighbouring rights.

The arrangement also provides a framework for Google to use when negotiating agreements with publishers for their participation in News Showcase.

Google France today came to a revenue sharing agreement(via CNBC) with the French Alliance de la Presse d'Information Générale, an organization representing news publishers in France.

Payments are to be calculated individually and would be based on criteria such as Internet viewing figures and the amount of information published. To pay news publishers, Google has taken a special initiative in the name of News Showcase, in which publishers have the option to curate their content online. Google also pointed out that the fact that they are helping and doing what they can to increase the online traffic for those publishers and websites is already a plus for them. Subscription sites may also grant readers certain articles for free.

The background to the dispute is an European Union amendment passed in 2019 aimed at updating the bloc's outdated copyright law for the digital age and ensuring authors receive better remuneration for content published online. However, the company will negotiate payments with individual publishers.

Google France chief Sebastien Missoffe called the deal proof of a commitment that opened up new perspectives.

Another note is that most press publishers "allowed" Google to their licenses of utilizing their online content without being paid. However, Google, the world's largest search engine, avoided it from the beginning. At the same time, Google gained the benefit of providing better search results without having to pay anything. The agreement has been signed with some publishers under this framework. The financial agreements are confidential, so it's not yet clear how much publishers stand to gain.

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