Tom Cruise and NASA team up to shoot a movie in space

James Marshall
January 19, 2021

Like, space. Outer space.

The fact that Musk, who is often the butt of jokes about how it seems like he could be a villain in a James Bond movie, is involved here (or at least his company is, so one assumes he will at least get an executive producer credit) is nearly too ideal.

After teaming up with Elon Musk's SpaceX for a space-set adventure film, Tom Cruise has formed a partnership with NASA to shoot a film aboard the International Space Station, with NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine taking to Twitter to reveal the news. Musk's Space X company is working with Cruise on getting Hollywood to the final frontier, according to Deadline.

Star of the Mission: Impossible and Top Gun films along with a host of other action-packed titles, Cruise is renowned for his daredevil movies and for doing his own stunts.

The initial report revealed that Cruise would be working with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and Elon Musk's SpaceX to achieve the historic feat, although since the project is still very much in the earliest stages of development, there isn't a studio attached just yet, nor is there a potential writer or director.

There are no details of the film, but Deadline - which first reported the story - said it would not be a new installment of Mission: Impossible. "I had a contract with the Russians in 2000 to go to the International Space Station and shoot a high-end 3D documentary there", Cameron told Empire.

The star is known for his Mission: Impossible franchise, the largest action spy franchise after James Bond.

Translation: Tom onboard the ISS is the best PR we'll ever get!

Well, this is conceptual too, but never doubt Cruise's ability to get things done. Their baby was born Tuesday and has been named X Æ A-12.

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