Bowser's Fury Overview Trailer Details New Features & Amiibo Figures

Ruben Hill
January 14, 2021

In Super Mario 3D World, the Cat Peach amiibo summons a random power-up. Scanning the new Mario will turn a player's character into White Cat Mario.

As revealed by the updated Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury game page listing, the file size for the new Switch release seems to clock in at 2.9GB.

Bowser's Fury will release on February 12 on the Nintendo Switch, bundled with Super Mario 3D World.

The first part of the trailer focuses on 3D World. It's not yet known how large this new game will be, and whether the single level shown in the trailer is the entirety of the game.

The overview trailer runs through all the new features set to be included in the game, such as an online multiplayer mode to supplement the local co-op of the original.

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Collectible stamps - previously used for the Wii U Miiverse - are now usable in Snapshot mode, and can be applied to walls in your shots.

As for Bowser's Fury, we learn that it's a cat-tastic new adventure in which Mario travels to feline-inspired Lake Lapcat as he takes on the nefarious Fury Bowser.

After "a certain amount of time" playing in Lake Lapcat, the huge Fury Bowser will appear, dropping from the sky and changing the weather. That includes both offerings: the re-release of the Wii U original, and the "Bowser's Fury" addition, whatever that entails. You can even play using gyro controls!

The goal of the additional content is to collect Cat Shines from across the map in order to uncover a giant Giga Bell that will transform Mario into a giant, glowing, golden super lion Mario and allow him to take on Bowser.

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