SPACE: Mercury, Saturn and Jupiter form "triple conjunction" this weekend

James Marshall
January 11, 2021

Last month, Jupiter and Saturn aligned to form the "great conjunction" for the first time in almost 800 years.

Between 5:30 P.M. and 6:15 P.M. nightly on December 9,10 and 11, those of us in southern Idaho that can get a clear look to the lower west / southwest horizon may get a glimpse of Mercury, Saturn and Jupiter's triple conjunction.

This may be the last chance to catch Jupiter and Saturn in the evening sky for a while, as the planets continue to descend farther and farther into the blazing sunset.

Three planets aren't usually bunched together in the same part of the sky, according to EarthSky. The light reflected from the planets should appear brighter than the surrounding stars.

By Jan. 13, stargazers could be able to see the waxing crescent moon, Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury all in the sky, according to NASA. The best night for viewing it will be Sunday, January 10th, 2021.

"Since then they've drifted apart to about 1º from each other, but nevertheless the effect will be arguably magnified this week as the two giant outer planets are joined by inner planet Mercury in the same 2º of sky in the constellation of Capricorn", Carter added.

Though the three planets seem to be bumping elbows, they are still taking social-distancing guidelines to the extreme. People interested in catching this sight as asked to begin looking no later than 45 minutes after the sun sets.

They will form this "triple conjunction" again on February 13.

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