Pig Guts Fly In Taiwan Parliament In Dispute Over US Pork Imports

Elias Hubbard
November 28, 2020

Since the latest session of parliament began in mid-September the KMT has protested against the pork decision by blocking Premier Su Tseng-chang from delivering regular reports and taking questions by occupying the podium where he speaks.

President Tsai Ing-wen announced in August that the government would, from January 1, allow imports of US pork containing ractopamine, an additive that enhances leanness but is banned in the European Union and China, as well as USA beef more than 30 months old.

Fed up with the paralysis, the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) decided they were going to ensure Mr Su could speak on Friday, and formed a protective barrier around him as he made his way in, as KMT lawmakers blew whistles, held banners and sounded air horns.

Taiwan lawmakers throw pork intestines at each other during a scuffle in the parliament in Taipei on Friday after legislators from the main opposition party tried to block the premier from speaking. Washington has pressed successive Taiwanese administrations to lift the ban on meat from pigs given ractopamine-laced feed, but the issue has been highly charged in Taiwan, where politicians and industry groups have warned about adverse health affects of the additive.

That decision has been met with fierce opposition, both from the KMT and individual citizens.

Critics in Taiwan have expressed concern over a feed additive used by some US pork producers called ractopamine, which is aimed at promoting leaner growth in the animals.

On Sunday, thousands of people marched in the capital Taipei to protest the imports.

The outlet noted that while the amount of US pork expected to be imported would only account for a small amount of the nation's consumption, citizens and political factions opposed to lifting the ban have protested fiercely against the policy change.

Lin Wei-chou, a KMT politician who led the protesting group in parliament, said: "When you were in the opposition, you were against United States pork".

"When you were in the opposition, you were against USA pork; now that you're in power, you've become a supporter of US pork", said KMT legislator Lin Wei-chou, who led the group of lawmakers protesting the policy on Friday. "Please return to reason".

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