YouTube Tests Automatically Adding Chapters to Select Videos

Joanna Estrada
Ноября 26, 2020

YouTube has been introducing a bunch of features in its app lately including player revamp, shorts, autoplay controls, etc.

YouTube has announced that it is testing two new features that are related to the "Video Chapters" feature that was rolled out to all content creators back in May. This feature now needs creators to mention timestamps for each chapter down in the description box. To help remedy this, YouTube has chose to use machine learning to assign chapters automatically, and testing is now underway. It can be a tedious task for creators, especially those with a lot of videos on their YouTube channel, to add timestamps and chapter names to each section of their older video. This is a bit of a hassle and YouTube is now looking to ease this process by bringing its AI tools into play. However, chapters can only be added by creators, so you're essentially at their mercy to enjoy this little gift. YouTube will be doing all the heavy lifting for them. In the coming months, YouTube will automatically add a video timestamp to comments, so that other comment readers are aware of which exact moment the original comment publisher is referring to.

As with all AI, it's far from infallible but will learn as more people use it, and could prove a massive boon for creators who upload multiple videos every day. You may recall that earlier this year Google added the facility to add chapters to divide up your videos from your mobile, as well as from the desktop.

This AI-generated "video chapters" feature is now available for select videos.

The internet giant is now experimenting with auto chapters for a "small group of videos", and is giving creators chances to opt out and offer feedback.

The new feature is available only to a small group of video creators and it will be intriguing to see the accuracy of the feature.

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