Flight Simulator Gets an Enhanced US Flight Experience

Joanna Estrada
Ноября 26, 2020

While we're used to honong your skills over time to inevitably arrive at the boss for a tenacious and arduous battle of wits and strength, Microsoft Flight Simulator opts to give players a boss battle immediately in terms of figuring out how to fly a plane in a way that doesn't result in disgusting structural damage after taking a turn too sharply. Now Microsoft is pushing out perhaps the biggest update yet, World Update II: USA.

As the name suggests, this update is available globally and provides new content related to the United States.

On September 29, Microsoft released the first free update for the new Flight Simulator, which focused on improving the game experience of those who like to fly over Japan.

Hand-crafted versions of four airports have been added - Atlanta, Dallas/Fort Worth, Friday Harbor and New York Stewart - while Asobo made "visual and logical improvements to 48 more airports".

You can check out the trailer for the USA world update below. And as is the Flight Simulator way - there's also a brand-new, gorgeous 4K trailer to showcase the update. Other changes include more randomized placement of streetlights in smaller streets and bug fixes.

It also provides new activities via new Discovery Flights through some iconic locations on each coast, which might be a nice diversion during the pandemic. You can also find the full changelog at the source.

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