WhiteHat Jr files Rs 14 crore defamation suit against investor Aniruddha Malpani

Marco Green
November 24, 2020

The high court said it would not get into the facts of the case for now, but that certain injunctions need to be granted at the moment.

Interestingly, the same point was raised by Mr Poonia in his tweets, who spent a long time trying to unearth more information about this supposed poster child of WhiteHat Jr.

The direction was issued by Justice Mukta Gupta who also issued summons to the doctor - Aniruddha Malpani - in the suit filed against him by WhiteHat seeking a permanent injunction restraining him from defaming it, infringing, diluting or tarnishing its trademark and seeking damages of around Rs 14 crore from him.

Social media was abuzz today with the hearing of the defamation case that BYJU'S-owned online coding platform WhiteHat Jr had filed against a software engineer.

The subject of the filed case mentioned "Infringement of Registered and Unregistered Trademarks".

According to the layers, Mr Poonia recorded sessions of some classes conducted by WhiteHat Jr. In response to a ₹20 lakh defamation suit filed by the Byju's-owned company and Bajaj, the high court has restrained Poonia from a number of activities essentially, scutting any criticism that could amount to defamation.

A 12-year-old child named "Wolf Gupta" appeared in earlier ads of WhiteHat Jr, which claimed that the kid had landed a lucrative job at Google.

While the company agrees that Poonia had adhered to a takedown notice sent to him, however, he eventually launched a "systematic and highly defamatory attack" against WhiteHat Jr and "even resorting to acts which are brazenly illegal and thereafter making wild and baseless allegations against the Plaintiffs". In addition, Poonia will also have to delete some YouTube videos, refrain from using "WhiteHat Sr" on his YouTube channel, as well as remove videos that display confidential information of WhiteHat Jr's employees or Slack channels.

They accused Poonia that he wanted to access this information and then put it up in the public domain.

The lawsuit is also raising concern with Poonia accusing WhiteHat Jr of "killing" a fictitious child who appeared in one of her previous ads.

WhiteHat Jr alleged that Malpani was critical of the company because he is an investor in rival platforms Bibox Labs, Multibhashi and ConceptOwl. For this, he was even banned from LinkedIn for allegedly criticising BYJU's.

A lot is happening between WhiteHat Jr's Karan Bajaj and Pradeep Poonia, stay tuned for latest updates.

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