Government Slashes Coronavirus Holiday Quarantine From Two Weeks To Five Days

Elias Hubbard
Ноября 24, 2020

This will be permitted only if a test is taken and a negative result is obtained.

The travel industry welcomed the policy but described it as "long overdue".

Paul Charles, CEO of travel consultancy The PC Agency and former member of the Quash Quarantine campaign group, which earlier tried to pressure the United Kingdom government into lifting blanket restrictions on all United Kingdom arrivals, welcomes the new scheme. The so-called 'test to release' regime will be in place from December 15th. It will allow arriving passengers from anywhere not on the government's quarantine free list to reduce their quarantine period from the current level of 14 days to five days. So far, this will only apply to arrivals in England. Travelers from Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales must continue to self-isolate for 14 days.

He explained: "The introduction of air passenger testing on day five is a vital first step to reopening the skies in the run up to Christmas".

They can then take a test on or after day 5 of the isolation period either at home or at a private provider's testing site, and on receipt of a negative result, can immediately finish self-isolating and return to following domestic rules.

"Passengers should be able to take a test from up to 72 hours before departure, including a rapid test at the airport on the day of departure".

The "test and release" scheme requires passengers arriving in England by plane, ferry or train to book and pay for the test themselves.

People who wish to make use of the scheme will have to book private tests, which are likely to cost around £100 ($133). The government estimates the test price to be between £65 and £120 ($87 to $160).

The recommendations are based on advice from a consortium of expert representatives from the aviation, maritime, global rail, tourism and hospitality industries to boost worldwide travel for all modes, whilst safeguarding public health in the UK. The change will bring the rules governing quarantines in England more in line with other European countries, including Germany.

"Our new testing strategy will allow us to travel more freely, see loved ones and drive worldwide business. By giving people the choice to test on day five, we are also supporting the travel industry as it continues to rebuild out of the pandemic". The Conservative government has taken countries off its safe list at very short notice, prompting many travelers to cut vacations short to Spain and France this summer and quickly return to the avoid mandatory quarantines.

"With Covid-19 tests now widely available, the government should remove quarantine restrictions and allow citizens to move freely, once they have a negative Covid-19 test". "But there is now light at the end of the tunnel".

On Monday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson set out the revised rules for the three tiers. It will be replaced by a three-tier regional system.

"You can only breach that in a certain number of places and I think we've made our decisions as a country that that has to be for things like education and work whilst we get through this winter". Is such testing the way to get the travel industry working again? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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