Google Assistant adds wellness data from third-party services

Joanna Estrada
Ноября 24, 2020

Fitbit users will have to switch on personal results to ask Google Assistant about their sleep. Henceforth, it'll also be able to help you with your wellness data that you may have tracked using a fitness tracker or a smartwatch.

As reported by Android Police, Google Assistant can now fetch you your wellness data.

About a year ago, Google signed an agreement to acquire Fitbit and therefore create its own lineup of wearables. The feature now works for sleep and supports Fitbit's wearables. Within Assistant Settings, you will see the new "Wellness" section that urges you to connect a service to display information and answer questions about your sleep on Assistant devices. For example, you can ask, "how much sleep did I get last night" to know the appropriate response.

The Sense and Versa 3 wearables are already equipped with Amazon Alexa, however it is likely the smartwatch company will heavily promote the use of Google Assistant as Google is now in the process of buying Fitbit. Recently, a new Fitbit OS update also brought native Assistant integration to the Fitbit Sense and Versa 3 which were previously limited to Amazon's Alexa.

Both watches have on-board speakers to support virtual assistants, but not all Fitbit devices have the processing power needed to power Google Assistant. To be fair, although Google has started the integration with its - hopefully soon to be - own brand, it will support other companies' products in the future. In case you missed out, Assistant can now schedule the switching on/off of smart lights.

"We're empowering you with the tools you need to better understand and take control of your health and wellness", he added.

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