Demon's Souls PS5 nearly had an easy mode created

Joanna Estrada
November 21, 2020

We also have a full guide on how to unlock the mystery door. But the concept reared up again with the development process for the Demon's Souls PS5 remake, when porting studio Bluepoint Games toyed with it. The mystery rose to greater heights after everyone realized this door was not in the original version of the game. A mystery was set into motion, especially since developer Bluepoint is known for adding mysteries into its remakes as it did with Shadow of the Colossus. Take a stroll back to the door now and it'll open no problem. Except instead of 26, players needed 79 hidden coins to access the easter egg Bluepoint added. He thanked the devs for the opportunity to solve the puzzle.

If you are playing the game and intend to solve this on your own, this is where you stop reading. As it turns out, the solution to opening the door lay with one of the new items added to the Demon's Souls remake, the Ceramic Coin. When a level's "World Tendency" is at pure White or Black, the Ceramic Coins could be found in the same places throughout the world in Fractured Mode. Trading in the coins, Sparkly gives you A Rusted Key. The design on the coin matched the design on the mysterious door, which is why it seemed smart to start collecting these coins. Intrepid fans managed to sneak a peek behind the door using the game's camera mode to determine that the small area hid a corpse and a glowing orb that represented treasure.

Behind the door was none other than a special armor set based on The Penetrator, the powerful knight-like boss of World 1-3.

Moore previously told The Washington Post that although Demon's Souls is a challenging game, he believes it's "actually very fair".

The first mystery might have ended, nonetheless, this only means we are on the path to find the next one.

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