Biden Confuses President Trump with George Bush

Elias Hubbard
October 28, 2020

Biden may have confused Trump with comedian George Lopez, who he was responding to on the livestream.

US Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has invited mockery once again among social media users by making an apparent election-related verbal gaffe during a fundraising event. But he asked the group to consider "the degree of incompetence and misinformation, the number of people who might not have died had we just done the basics".

It is largely ignoring the Biden team's bids for states like Georgia, Texas and OH, where Biden has made a late advertising push - a result of the reality that Trump can not keep pace with the better-funded Biden's spending. Instead, Trump is focusing his efforts on seven states he won four years ago, as well as Minnesota and Nevada, which he hopes to flip this time around.

In 2008, Biden's brief presidential run - and his vice presidential run on President Barack Obama's ticket - were during the Bush administration.

On Monday, Trump himself responded to the gaff, tweeting, "Joe Biden called me George yesterday". Got some help from the anchor to get him through the interview.

Update: The Trump campaign in a new statement is disputing Bloomberg's reporting as "horribly wrong", saying that "our ad buying week by week in the state has been consistent, and the reporting on this issue demonstrates a clear misunderstanding of how ad buying works".

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