Kanye West Says He Was Called by God to Run for President

Lawrence Kim
October 25, 2020

Kanye West joined podcaster Joe Rogan for a almost three-hour podcast, where West discusses fashion, politics, religion, mental health and much more. At the beginning of the interview, Kanye began to speak about his bid for the Presidency and why he ultimately came to the conclusion that he needed to run for President of the United States. "Beyond my expectations, and I think people are going to have a much better understanding and appreciation of how this man thinks", he wrote.

The rapper's interest in Bitcoin dates back to May 2018 when he mentioned it for the first time during his Charlamagne tha God interview. It's like when you just see all the slave movies, it's like why do you have to keep reminding us about slavery? "Just through my soul and I just felt that energy I felt that spirit".

"I had different friends that were some people in the music industry, some people tech elites and they would really take it as a joke", West divulged. "They're telling me all these reasons why I couldn't run for President". A few days before the MTV Video Awards, it hit me in the shower, ' West recalled about his initial thought to run for president. Kanye then said that he ultimately chose to run for President as he "believes [his] calling is to be the leader of the Free World". I'm a great leader because I listen and I'm empathetic.

Kanye has spoken like this throughout his career as a musician, and it's no surprise he would feel the exact same way when it comes to his politics. "I'm the kind of person where I'm not trying to eliminate anyone's job".

He went on to claim that the Star Wars prequels are better than the sequel trilogy, then suggested that Bob Marley, Michael Jackson, Prince and Bruce and Brandon Lee had been murdered.

He also spoke at length about his work in religious music. "When I posted my contracts, I had ten contracts that kept putting me inside a labyrinth and things we don't need", he began. "The contracts are made to rape the artists. I just tell the truth and telling the truth is insane in a world full of lies". There's a way both parties can be happy.

'At this point music loses me money. "Of my $5 billion net worth, music is negative $4 million". "But when I put those [music] contracts up I'm saying that was a choice".

Rogan accused an unspecified "they" - presumably medical professionals and family members - of trying to "kill genius" by placing West on medication.

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