Windows 10 is restarting some PCs to install Office apps without permission

Joanna Estrada
October 20, 2020

Regardless, they're the most recent confirmation that Microsoft doesn't regard your responsibility for own PC, the most recent case of Microsoft introducing anything it loves in a Windows update up to and including bloatware, and the most recent case of Microsoft thinking more about the reality than whether a couple of individuals may lose their work when Windows out of nowhere closes down their PC.

And according to a report from Microsoft watcher Mary Jo Foley, Office apps installed silently on Windows 10 devices and then pinned to the Start menu is only partly a bug, as Microsoft actually meant to the whole thing. Now there are several complaints on the Answers forum and Feedback Hub that claim the update fails to install, and if it does install, causes several issues with the Windows 10 PCs.

Windows 10 had restarted my computer without permission yet again - to install yet another forced OS update onto my solid state drive.

With the KB4579311 update release, there is a noticeable uptick in the number of problems users experience.

Below we have outlined some of the issues that people are having after installing the update.

The most common issue users are running into with Windows 10 KB4579311 is the inability to install the update in the first place.

Well, it turns out this is all just a big mistake, and not an instance of Microsoft secretly trying to push its Office web apps on unsuspecting users. USB network printer problems also reported. My taskbar and search bar have been enough for a long time.

Even the Windows Update isn't helpful as it shows a generic error code to troubleshoot (0x800f0988) on why the update not installed.

Finally, some users are experiencing boot problems, performance issues, and a odd restarting desktop problem.

The update is causing sign-in and freezing issues.

Should Windows 10 Users Uninstall KB4579311 Security Update?

When I returned, I couldn't believe my eyes. BUT, the crashing increases time it takes to log in and load everything up.

Explorer crashes in a loop after login and becomes unresponsive, sometimes. Some report issues logging into Window, while others complain about black screens at startup.

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