The Flaming Lips Held A Socially Distanced 'Bubble' Gig

Lawrence Kim
October 20, 2020

The Flaming Lips, a rock band from Oklahoma City, used inflatable human-sized plastic bubbles to ensure that they could host a concert in their hometown while ensuring minimal risk from Covid-19.

Coyne said to reporters from CNN during an interview on Friday that he "did a little drawing" of The Flaming Lips doing a concert where everyone was encased in bubbles.

Reportedly, the idea of using bubbles has always been a part of their performances, but with the COVID-19 pandemic, it seemed like such a great idea to extend the actual bubbles so people could stay in them during their shows.

The idea came from a doodle done in the early days of the pandemic, frontman Wayne Coyne told CNN.

The band first unveiled their performances in a bubble in June, when they appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

"I do not assume anyone would have thought ... in the midst of March that that is nonetheless going to be going, eight months later". Aside from their extraordinary and unusual live shows, the band are best known for their songs Do You Realize??, Race for the Prize, and She Don't Use Jelly.

'I think we all thought this is a month, this is maybe two months, but we're going to get a handle on this'.

That inspired them to keep going.

"We do a few songs with about 30 individuals within the bubbles".

With a pair hundred followers floating about, The Flaming Lips carried out a dance remix of "Assassins of Youth" and "Brother Eye", a pair of tracks from their newest LP, "American Head".

Coyne went on to say that he hopes they'll be able to get back to normal soon and perform actual live concerts in the way they used to.

Coyne captioned an Instagram post from the show with the phrase "Yessss!" - a nod to the feat they'd collectively pulled off.

"I like the best way this seems to be, as a result of you may get as excited as you need, you possibly can scream as a lot as you need, you simply cannot infect the individual subsequent to you, it doesn't matter what you neglect about, how excited you get", he stated.

When asked if he thought this could represent the future of gig-going for The Flaming Lips fans, at least for the time being, Coyne said: "I'm willing to do everything I can, you know, to say, I think we could do this, and this would be absolutely safe".

"That barrier is still there, they're protected, and you're protected... that part of it is what we really felt like was the success", he said.

It only really makes sense for an act like The Flaming Lips though; it's hard to see Sir Simon Rattle in a big plastic ball conducting the London Symphony Orchestra.

Before adding that he thinks "it could be cool. And we could all have a, you know, a insane unique experience", he said.

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