Virus denying influencer dies from COVID

Henrietta Strickland
October 19, 2020

Dmitriy Stuzhuk was released from hospital in his native Ukraine after positive tests - but was sent back because his health was deteriorating rapidly. Dmitriy showed how he required an oxygen apparatus for breathing.

After becoming ill, he had posted to his fans: "I want to share how I got sick and to strongly warn everyone".

He wrote on his Instagram, "I thought that there was no Covid, until I got sick".

A separate retrospective study in Canada found that people with blood groups A or AB appear to exhibit greater COVID-19 disease severity than people with blood groups O or B. "And it is heavy".

Dmitriy woke up in Turkey with a swollen neck and difficulty breathing, he said.

Since blood group distributions vary among ethnic subgroups, the researchers also controlled for ethnicity and maintained that fewer people with blood type O tested positive for the virus.

He continued: "The hospital is completely filled with people, some of them being treated in corridors".

Ukrainian influencer Dmitriy had an on/off relationship with his ex-wife.

After he was rushed back to hospital, his ex-wife Sofia, 25, said he was in a "grave condition" and "unconscious".

She told her followers that he had "problems with his cardiovascular system. his heart is not coping".

The influencer witnessed a clinical death but the doctors restarted his heart.

Anika added that she was inspired to find potential cures to viruses after learning about the 1918 flu pandemic and finding out how many people die every year in the United States despite annual vaccinations and anti-influenza drugs on the market. No-one can do anything with this.

"The last two days, I saw that there is a lot of media hype about my project since it involves the SARS-CoV-2 virus and it reflects our collective hopes to end this pandemic as I, like everyone else, wish that we go back to our normal lives soon", she told CNN. But nothing depends on me now ...

Then, heartbroken, Stuzhuk announced his death.

The couple had three children David, Lola and Olivia. The youngest is just nine months old.

The pair split up six months ago but recently said they were back on good terms.

She wrote: "All that remains are warm memories, three handsome children and valuable experiences".

"God, it is so awful to realize that he is no longer with us ..."

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