State reports 1,791 new cases of coronavirus

Henrietta Strickland
October 19, 2020

But his ex-wife and mother of his three children, Sofia Stuzhuk, 25, who announced his death, said the coronavirus had caused heart complications.

After he had caught the virus, which has now killed more than a million people worldwide, he shared a message with his fans to warn them.

He wrote on his Instagram, "I thought that there was no Covid, until I got sick".

As the man at the centre of the case "has a close extended family who visit each other's houses regularly, this led to some extended family members also getting infected with Covid-19".

Two retrospective studies in Blood Advances add evidence for an association between blood type and COVID-19 risk, indicating that people with blood type O could be less susceptible to infection and experience milder disease.

Dmitriy woke up in Turkey with a swollen neck and breathing difficulties, he said. A study published in July looking at patients in five major hospitals in the state of MA found that people with blood type O were less likely to test positive for COVID-19 than those with other blood types.

In the Canadian study, they looked at the length of hospital stays for 95 people critically ill with the coronavirus.

After eight days, he was allowed to leave his ward instead of staying in the overcrowded Kiev hospital.

He mentioned that at home his condition was stable.

However, a few hours later he was rushed back to hospital, where Sofia said he fell unconscious.

Stuzhuk - who has five million followers - wrote in the fight for life: "Dima (Dmitriy) had problems with his cardiovascular system ..."

"His heart is not coping".

He suffered a clinical death, but medics restarted his heart.

His ex-wife Sofia Stuzhuk confirmed the news of Stuzhuk's death in her heartbreaking Instagram post. No-one can do anything with this.

The father of three kids came back from Turkey and told his followers that he believed COVID-19 should be taken seriously. The youngest is just nine months old.

They split six months ago after she complained of "constant betrayal, swearing, showdown and stress" but recently said they were back on good terms.

She posted: "Only warm memories remain, three lovely kids and valuable experience".

"God, it is so bad to realize that he is no longer with us ..."

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