‘I Don’t Want to Hear Any of That Rubbish’: New Zealand Journalist Goes Viral for an Absolutely BRUTAL Grilling of a Defeated Politician

Elias Hubbard
October 19, 2020

She has no chill whatsoever.

A New Zealand journalist is now the recipient of widespread praise after a video of her shutting down a politician over Covid-19 conspiracy theories during an interview went viral.

"Jami-Lee, you just described just described yourself as a loser", O'Brien said.

The incident occurred when Tova O' Brien, political editor of a Kiwi multi-platform news service, was interviewing the leader of the Advance New Zealand party, Jami-Lee Ross. I've asked if you have any regrets.

The four-minute clip highlights an exchange that's marked primarily by O'Brien's incisive questioning and unwillingness to let Ross dodge.

The Advance New Zealand party gained popularity online with conspiracy theorists thanks to Ross' decision to merge with the controversial Billy Te Kahika Jr, who is anti-lockdown, believes that 5G causes cancer, and that COVID-19 is demonic and also no worse than the flu.

Ross' party bombed quite spectacularly in the recent elections, having spent months peddling rumours and misinformation on social media about the dangers posed by COVID-19. Ross explained his rationale, but O'Brien fired back with a devastating putdown. "You sold your soul for political ambition".

Without hesitation, Tova O'Brien waved her hands at Ross mid-excuse, and literally spoke over him until he stopped speaking.

If you want to land an interview with a politician, you often have to give them assurances that they'll be lobbed a few softball questions, so that they can get their talking points across. She steers the conversation in a way that's meant to hold the ousted politician to account for his more questionable behavior.

O'Brien then finished up the interview by asking if there was anything Ross would like to say seeing as "this is probably the last time you'll be on TV and the last time we will invite you on".

Strangely, when the footage made its way to Twitter, people quickly called the interaction "hostile" when that wasn't the case at all.

Honestly, petition Tova O'Brien for Prime Minister once Jacinda Ardern gets exhausted of it.

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