Coming weeks will be 'darkest' of COVID-19

Henrietta Strickland
October 19, 2020

But a well known American infectious disease expert has expressed his concern on the COVID-19 situation in the country and also sounded an alarm over the upcoming tough times.

On Sunday, Dr. Michael Osterholm, an infectious disease expert, called the idea pixie dust and pseudo-science.

"Vaccines is not going to change into obtainable in any significant method till early to [the] third quarter of subsequent yr".

The US is preparing for the November Presidential election.

Although the White House emerged as a solid front when it enacted the coronavirus task force in January, the facade slowly waned as Trump ignored health experts' guidelines and dissenting voices entered civil discourse. But cases are still growing and people are still dying all over the country.

"Friday we had 70,000 instances, matching the biggest quantity we had seen again in the course of the actually severe peak in July". According to the expert from now till the holidays, the Coronavirus cases in the country will likely "blow right through that".

Osterholm said the U.S. was suffering from a "messaging problem", created in part by the lack of a strong "lead" voice to guide Americans through the pandemic.

Osterholm emphasised the need for leadership in the form of a "good story" that "is more than just science". This is bringing people together to understand why we are doing this.

Renowned epidemiologist Michael Osterhome told NBC's "Meet the Press" on Sunday The "herd immunity" theory One of President Trump's favorite corona virus advisers is said to have called it "the most unbelievable combination of pixie dust and pseudoscience I've ever seen".

Reaches Herd immunity - Widespread outbreaks are prevented because enough people in a community are immune to a disease - Widespread deaths can occur without an effective vaccine. Instead, the goal can be achieved by inoculating them through a vaccination program. Why are we asking people to sacrifice, distancing? "So what we have right now is a major problem in messaging".

"Remember when we talk about getting 50% -70% protection, we say you can go there with the disease - but if that happens there will be a lot of deaths, a lot of serious illnesses - or we can try to get there with the vaccine, and postpone the number of sick people until the vaccines are available".

Osterholm stressed that although the United States wants to achieve herd immunity, "we don't want to get there through disease - we want to get there through a vaccination program".

As per Osterholm, the percentage should be between 70 to 50 to make the plan work, and said that "20percent number is the most awesome combination of pixie dust and pseudoscience I've ever seen".

According to Osterholm, even that rate "just slows down transmission, not stop it".

Osterholm reiterated his push for a coronavirus vaccination, saying 'this virus is going to keep looking for wood to burn for as long as it can.

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