Donald Trump Refuses To Denounce The QAnon Conspiracy Theory

Elias Hubbard
October 18, 2020

At a town hall on Thursday evening, President Donald Trump absolutely refused to denounce the risky, cult-like QAnon conspiracy theory.

She said: "QAnon is a theory that Democrats are a Satanic paedophile ring & you are their saviour". Guthrie asked Trump to clearly state that this is false and denounce the theory, but Trump declined to do so and instead said he has heard "they are very strongly against pedophilia, and I agree with that".

Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) has rebuked President Trump for failing to denounce the "absurd" QAnon conspiracy theory, calling this part of an "alarming pattern".

On Friday, former Republican presidential nominee and current Senator Mitt Romney slammed Trump for his "unwillingness to denounce an absurd and risky conspiracy theory".

The two went back and forth over the issue and Trump said the only thing that was clear about QAnon was that they "are very much against paedophelia", which is something he supports.

Trump replied, saying: "I know nothing about it".

The president faced a series of tough questions Thursday night regarding his health, coronavirus leadership, winking at QAnon conspiracy theorists, the reporting on his taxes, and many other pressing topics.

Guthrie hit back at the Republican candidate with: "I don't get that".

During the one-hour broadcast, Trump falsely claimed that 85% of people wearing masks catch the coronavirus, said he was unaware of whether he took a coronavirus test ahead of his debate with Joe Biden in late September, and did not deny that he's more than $400 million in debt - just wouldn't say to whom. I do know they are very much against paedophilia.

Guthrie pressed Trump bringing up the fact that he retweeted a baseless QAnon conspiracy theory that former President Barack Obama had Navy SEALs killed over some unusual plot involving an Osama bin Laden body double.

In August this year, Trump amplified QAnon messaging at least 216 times by retweeting or mentioning 129 QAnon-affiliated Twitter accounts, according to Media Matters for America. I'll put it out there. "You're the president, not someone's insane uncle".

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