NBC holds fast to dueling town halls despite celebrity anger

Joanna Estrada
October 16, 2020

Trump repeatedly refused to denounce the unfounded conspiracy theory.

Thursday's scheduled debate was canceled after Trump, while he was being treated for COVID-19, said he would not agree to an event where he and Biden appeared remotely.

Guthrie opened her town hall, held at an outdoor venue in Miami, by questioning him repeatedly about when he last tested negative for COVID-19 before testing positive on October 1.

On Thursday morning, more than 100 content creators and primetime stars sent a letter to NBC and Comcast officials urging them to switch the time of the town hall, while figures like legendary investigative reporter Carl Bernstein said that the network was getting played by the Trump campaign.

In any event, it is too early to know how the general public responded to the events tonight, remarks David Canon: "I think it is safe to say this didn't change anything, which clearly helps Joe Biden given his 10-point lead in the polls".

Guthrie also asked him if he supports QAnon, a viral conspiracy theory that states "a cabal of Satan-worshiping pedophiles is running a global child sex-trafficking ring and plotting against President Donald Trump, who is battling against them". Biden's during his town hall said he would soon express his position on court packing, an issue that he has avoided so far. Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham said that the committee will vote on Barrett's nomination on October 22. Trump did admit to having " a very, very small percentage of debt" before explaining "in fact some of it, I did as favors to institutions that wanted to loan me money".

Biden also said that Haeck's daughter should not suffer any discrimination for who she is. The Biden's townhall had no question on the allegations related to his son Hunter Biden's corruption. Both Trump and Biden campaigns claimed that their candidates won the shows Thursday night. "I'll put it out there, people can decide for themselves", the president said. "Over on ABC, it was a completely different scene, as once again Biden was kept comfortable and away from any questions that might challenge him", Murtaugh alleged.

There were apparently still hard feelings, given that Muir twice mentioned a nameless "another network" holding a Trump town hall.

Biden also answered Humphrey's question by touting his passion for the criminal justice system, to "make it fair and make it more decent". Angry and combative, he refused to denounce the QAnon conspiracy group -and only testily did so on white supremacists.

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