Mark Meadows Storms Off, Refuses to Talk to Reporters After One Asks Him to Wear a Mask

James Marshall
October 13, 2020

With the Amy Coney Barrett hearings in progress, there's an additional reminder of the risks involved, since it's generally presumed that Trump's Rose Garden ceremony to introduce her was the superspreader event that started the virus rolling through the White House, hitting press, Trump Administration officials, and senators.

In a somewhat hectic exchange with the press Meadows chose to "pull away" the stationary microphone to supposedly get "more than ten feet away" from the reporters and be able to more safely speak to them without a face mask.

The somewhat awkward exchange between the politician and the reporters went viral online, as commenters were accusing Meadows of not understanding the "science" behind the mask's alleged importance. However, a frustrated Meadows pulled the microphone towards himself.

"I'm not going to talk through a mask", he said. Meadows approaches reporters, then backs away and removes his mask.

Meadows was walking out during a break in the confirmation hearing for Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

According to health experts, the coronavirus can travel several feet through the air, especially indoors, and wearing a mask is a way of preventing the spread.

"Well, I'm more than ten feet away", Meadows said. He announced in a tweet responding to Cory Booker, he thanked the Democratic Senator for his concern and poster a letter from his physician saying he could end quarantine and did not require further testing.

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