Nintendo Promises That The Next Console Will Come Out Before 2100

Joanna Estrada
October 1, 2020

At the moment, the only Nintendo systems now in production are the Switch and Switch Lite.

According to a report from Kotaku Australia, the weird but beloved bit of dialogue that iconic video game character Mario says when battling Bowser in 1996's Super Mario 64 (he's actually saying "King Bowser", but because of Mario's accent and what was surely some shoddy audio technology of the time, it sounds like "Gay Bowser", and queer Nintendo fans have been running with it ever since) has now been replaced in the 2020 Switch release.

According to United Kingdom sales figures, Super Mario 3D All-Stars is the third biggest launch of the year so far, behind only Animal Crossing and The Last of Us Part 2.

On this scale, we should also count in the film, Avengers by the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which came out back on the 4th of September. Kotaku also speculated that Super Mario 3D All-Stars is using the audio from the 1997 Japanese release of Super Mario 64 in order to be less region-specific (the Bowser character is known as King Koopa in Japan, so having Mario say "So long, gay Bowser!" doesn't make much sense for an global release). On the top of the list, we have Animal Crossing, and ay the second tier sits The Last of Us Part 2.

This game, Super Mario 3D, has wnt through the release of a Mafia Definitive Edition even though it might have a more challenging time holding tight onto the first position after Crash Bandicoot 4 had its release.

Super Mario 3D All-StarsSales of Super Mario 3D has been widely successful in September!

If we follow the charts of Super Mario 3D All-Stars, this early success of the show proves just one thing that Nintendo Switch would prove to be silly if they even think of removing such an obvious money-making machine from the market.

As a reminder, Super Mario 3D All-Stars will only be available from now until the end of March next year.

"Super Mario 3D All-Stars can only be purchased until March 31st 2021", Nintendo confirms.

After March 31, Switch owners will no longer be able to purchase a physical copy of the game, or buy it from the Nintendo eShop.

"Owners can still play its entire contents after this date has passed, and can also re-download it from Nintendo eShop if the software has been archived". With the 3DS gone, the Switch Lite steps in as the handheld console, and the need for separate formats, at least for Nintendo, doesn't seem to be necessary anymore.

The Super Mario 3D All-Stars bundle contains remastered versions of three classic Super Mario games.

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