The Art of Managing Multiple Accounts and Listings on Airbnb

Elias Hubbard
September 29, 2020

Airbnb Multiple Accounts

Such a giant at the property rental market as Airbnb, surely, has to set certain recommendations for users to ensure the whole system works smoothly and effectively. One of such requirements for hosts is to establish only one account with the platform so that hosts can faultlessly handle all routine operations on the website.

Still, it does not mean that having a bunch of accounts is prohibitive with Airbnb. It only means that the host has to be very diligent at ruling all the accounts to meet the system’s demands, otherwise, such a profile will be eliminated.

Creating a single account on Airbnb is only convenient for individual hosts who just intend to earn some cash from renting their vacation spaces. However, if you run a rental company and offer various properties to hit different target audiences, one account on Airbnb is not enough to manage the whole business.

Struggles with multiple Airbnb accounts

Surely, running several accounts on Airbnb promises more business but also drives many difficulties that should be quickly addressed, otherwise your reputation on Airbnb can be completely ruined. You will have to constantly switch between accounts while keeping track of all current communications and controlling the fulfillment of all daily tasks, making sure nothing is confused. These challenges can be quite time- and effort-consuming and have a direct impact on the prosperity of your business.

  • Interaction with guests and responding to prospects’ inquiries. If you run several accounts with lots of listings on Airbnb, get ready to be overwhelmed with endless questions flowing from clients, both existing and perspective. At the same time, low response rate may badly affect your Airbnb ranking position, which ultimately will result in fewer exposures and fewer deals concluded.
  • Checking activities across multiple listings. Logging in and out between different accounts is quite an ordeal demanding much time, effort, and attention. You will have to bear in mind which account you are currently exploiting while answering the messages, verifying reservation details, or checking the execution of completed tasks. Working in the multitasking mode is hard and may often lead to lots of important details being overlooked.
  • Having a holistic view of all accounts. Controlling all listings across various accounts on Airbnb requires impressive organizational skills, which most owners cannot boast of possessing. Being bad at planning and organizing can compromise the success of your business. You may simply forget to check your multiple accounts and fail to follow communications with guests, eventually losing money-making opportunities.

How to boost your efficiency in managing multiple Airbnb accounts?

Being realistic about your organizational competence

Running a single account on Airbnb to list all your vacation rental properties is a wise move if you do not want to tinker with that galore of tasks and arrangements coming from multiple account management.

Nevertheless, if you offer several diversified properties to appeal to different target groups, having a single Airbnb account may be insufficient to cover your entire business. Also, if one of your numerous properties catches a negative review, it will also affect the rating of other properties listed on the same account.

It should be noted that Airbnb may ban multiple accounts if they are accessed from the same IP address with the same credentials, recognizing them as fake or suspicious. You should familiarize yourself with the Airbnb policy and regulations concerning creating several accounts in your city. If you, still, opt for numerous accounts, make sure your response rate is good across all of them, otherwise, such accounts will be considered inactive with subsequent termination.

Resorting to dedicated account management software

Managing several accounts on Airbnb is arduous as there are too many aspects that you should remember to succeed in your business. Still, there are advanced Airbnb software tools that can take this burden off your shoulders by automating most of the repetitive activities, thus helping you handle Airbnb multiple accounts and listing far more effectively. The most sophisticated multiple accounts management solutions offer the next functionality:

  • Unified inbox with instant notifications and automated replies;
  • Task allocation feature;
  • Multi-calendar;
  • Reservation management;
  • Report management;
  •  Review management;
  • Payment management.

Professional Airbnb management software is designed to automate most of the mundane Airbnb tasks, eliminate the human factor, and optimize inefficient workflows, thus increasing your hosting efficiency and providing ground for the growth of your business.

Outsourcing an Airbnb property management company

A third-party property manager will govern your multiple Airbnb accounts on your behalf, responding to all incoming inquiries, arranging cleaning, dealing with reviews, and performing all other relevant tasks, relieving you from a headache to do everything on your own. A property management company maintains your accounts active and money-making as well as makes sure none of your accounts is banned. The services of such companies are very helpful, yet may be too pricey for small-scale Airbnb owners with such a few properties for rent.

Co-hosting on Airbnb

If you are not sure whether you will effectively cope with the entire Airbnb daily grind, you can avail yourself of the so-called co-hosting feature. This option can be activated on the “Manage Listings” page on your Airbnb account. A co-host can be any person you trust like a friend, a family member, or a professional property manager. It is up to you to negotiate the responsibilities that will be performed by your co-host and the compensation that he/she will get for providing such help.

Administering several accounts on Airbnb is daunting and requires solid organizational skills as well as time and effort. Adding some automation to your routine Airbnb workflows will exclude lots of problems and help quickly achieve business excellence where everything works seamlessly and effectively.

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