Twitter to prompt users to read articles before retweeting

James Marshall
September 25, 2020

To help promote informed discussion and reduce spread of fake, harmful content, Twitter will very soon launch a new prompt on Android for the users to open and read the article first before retweeting. Three months later, the company has announced the results of the experiment and it has turned out to be successful.

Sure it is, but if you haven't actually read the article, you may be retweeting nonsense, or - even worse - completely false information. First, people opened articles 40% more often after seeing the prompt.

Twitter will soon prompt users to read an article before retweeting. This will allow people to make more informed decisions. The company also states that "some people" (a statistically meaningless phrase!) Did not retweet after opening the article. Many people have likely grown this as a habit. Of course, there was also a small number of people who refrained from retweeting an article after reading it. "Some tweets are best left in drafts", it added. This is not the only feature that has been tested to improve life on the Twitter platform. Going forward, it plans to expand these prompts to everyone globally.

Twitter is now "working to make these prompts available to everyone in the world right away", and once they appear to users in the future, the prompts will be smaller ("because they got it"). Twitter has lately been fortifying the security aspect of its social media platform too. But that's never enough.

Twitter's announcement that it is expanding its banners comes after the social network announced earlier this month that it would step up its efforts to fight misinformation ahead of the U.S. presidential election in November.

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