No Man's Sky Update 3.0 Origins finally adds giant sandworms

Joanna Estrada
September 24, 2020

The feeling of landing on a new planet and having absolutely no idea what to expect. Those unusual new worlds will look markedly different from the millions players have already seen over the past four years during their journey through the massive, procedurally generated spacefaring game. Origins also tweaks the weather systems in the game, turning them into localised weather effects that travel around the planet.

And there are sandworms.

No Man's Sky: Origins, the latest update for the sci-fi survival game, is a whopper which "effectively doubles the variety in the game". They have been replaced with a new, smaller number of materials.

Much like the name very appropriately suggests, No Man's Sky: Origins is a new beginning of sorts. "We should really make that better".

No Man's Sky underwhelmed at launch back in 2016, in part because Hello Games and its marketing materials had set expectations extraordinarily high. This goes with the palette of colors that the game now offers, as there are now more variations for players to discover than what could be found before. Update 3.0, otherwise known as Origins, will introduce new procedurally-generated worlds with "more dramatic, awe-inspiring scenery", according to a blog post. They've built bases on it. "And I've got my head in my hands thinking, 'I'm going to destroy that planet if we do this'".

Some of the changes affect the terrain in other ways. Crafting has also been enhanced and a list of new Items like Amino Chamb, Solar Mirror, Magnetic Resistance, DIscovery Data, Pulsating Gels, have been added. Giant beetles and massive butterflies will fly overhead. No Man's Sky Origins aims to correct that critique by injecting an absolutely mind-blowing amount of new stuff into the proc-gen equation, to include vast improvements to terrain generation.

If you want to take the time to read the update's patch notes, be sure to visit Hello Games' official website for No Man's Sky: Origins by clicking right here. If that's still not enough to satisfy the space craving, there are plenty of No Man's Sky mods to shake things up even more.

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