Indonesians in East Java Reportedly Ordered to Dig COVID-19 Graves After Breaking Face Mask Laws

Elias Hubbard
September 15, 2020

Indonesia is dealing out spooky punishments to anti-maskers, some of whom have been forced to dig graves, sit in coffins, and stay in "haunted" houses.

The head of the Cerme district, Suyono, explained that this order is meant to be an eye-opening punishment for the eight men who can not find it in themselves to just put on a mask.

The people being punished did not participate in funeral services but two were assigned to dig each grave.

According to reports citing Suyono, the district head, there were "only three gravediggers available" so he chose to assign mask violators to "assist them", but added that they were relieved from participating in the burial.

"Hopefully this can create a deterrent effect against violations", Suyono said.

The Jakarta Post also points out that Regent Law No. 22/2020 states residents who violate the COVID-19 safety protocols could be subjected to a fine or community service, and in this case, the grave-digging seems like the ideal community service punishment to match the crime.

In accordance with the Regent Law No. 22/2020, people who flout the protocols are subject to fines or community service as punishment, the report added.

So far, Indonesia has confirmed a total of 221,523 COVID-19 cases, including 8,841 fatalities, according to the Johns Hopkins University count.

Jakarta has seen the highest number of cases since the pandemic began at 54,220, while east Java has seen 38,088.

He on burials from 7am until nearly midnight for the last week and said he feels "worried" his neighbours think he could spread coronavirus to the wider community.

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