Asteroid will pass through the Earth on September 14, 2012ql2

James Marshall
September 12, 2020

Even now space and its beauty always attract us towards it. So while it is not going to hit Earth, the close approach does reiterate a need to maintain careful observations of the heavens. However, despite this, the probability of this asteroid colliding with the earth is extremely low. NASA has categorically confirmed the space rock will not hit Earth.

Known as 2020 QL2, the asteroid is over 393 feet in diameter which is wider than two professional American football fields put together. The Astroid is going to pass the earth with almost the speed of 38,620 Kmph or approx 24000 miles per hour. within the distance of about 6.8 million kilometers away. The Asteroid 2012QL2 will run at a speed of 23,668 miles per hour, which is 11.5 times more than the bullet speed.

The near-Earth object (NEO) with its massive size and proximity, however, has no chance of hitting our homeworld, assured the space agency.

The size of this asteroid is also quite large.

WashingtonNext week is expected to begin with the asteroid passing close to Earth. It might be an excessive amount of to listen to, however this distance just isn't a lot within the context of the universe and NASA's USA area company has put it in shut method class. Big measurement, quick paceThe dimensions of this asteroid can also be fairly massive.

If a high-speed space object is believed to approach almost 46.5 lakh miles from Earth, then it is considered unsafe by space organizations. There are now 22 such asteroids that have little chance of hitting the Earth for the next 100 years. Far more catastrophic than the Chelyabinsk event in 2013, when a 20m meteor exploded over Chelyabinsk, Russia, smashing windows and injuring more than 1,000 people.

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