Why Are More People Becoming Taxi Drivers In 2020?

Elias Hubbard
September 1, 2020

The role of the taxi or cab driver is one that hasn’t always been the first choice for many. For those who enjoy spending most of their time on the road, the role is perfect but for those who get mad at traffic jams – the role might not be for them. Of course, over recent years, there have been more people trying their hand at driving taxis around the world, especially with the introduction of Uber.

So, why are more people becoming taxi drivers in 2020? Read on to hear some of our thoughts.

What Does It Take to Become A Taxi Driver?

Before we look at some of the reasons why more people are turning to driving taxis, we thought we’d look at what this role actually involves. The truth is that no taxi firm is the same and when you compare cabs in the USA to local private hire firms in the UK, they are very different. To become a taxi driver, you need to make sure you have a reliable car and some taxi insurance. The cost of taxi insurance can depend on the location and the experience of the driver. Taxi drivers also need local knowledge of the area they will be driving in, but they can also use maps. Taxi drivers need to be friendly as they are in a customer-facing role.

Creation of Uber

Taxis and black cabs have been around for many years and this is how most people in big cities get around. Driving your own car and parking it can be impossible in some cities like New York or London and so taxis can do the hard work for you. While these taxis have been extremely popular, the growing popularity of Uber has helped increase the appeal of becoming a taxi driver. Uber is cool and many of the drivers are young due to the technology that is involved. Sure, traditional cabs still exist but Uber is certainly putting its stamp on the market.


Another common reason why more people are becoming taxi drivers around the world in 2020 is that the role is very convenient. As long as you have a car and insurance, you can become a taxi driver in a week or two. Some firms require certain tests to join their ranks but for employers like Uber, the process is very simple. Driving a taxi is a very convenient role. There is no commute to work, you get tips and you don’t need a uniform. Taxi drivers can make a lot of money and there aren’t many roles that are quite as convenient.

Working for Yourself

Many people dream of working for themselves one day but starting your own business can be very tricky. Not only do you need an idea to build a business around, but you also need the funds, the supplies and the marketing ability to grow your business.

However, when you become a taxi driver, you are more or less self-employed. Sure, you might work for a firm but typically taxi drivers are responsible for their own fares and are able to decide what kind of hours they work. This is something that is even more common with Uber as many taxi drivers work a few jobs, including this role due to the flexibility.

Customer Service

Finally, you’ll find that more people are considering a role as a taxi driver in 2020 because it is a customer-facing role. Customer service isn’t for everyone but for those who want to get out and meet new people every day, this role is perfect. Some drivers have regulars who they take to and from work every single day. There aren’t many roles where you’ll get to meet so many different people from a variety of places and drive them to their final destination. For those who enjoy customer service and helping others, a role as a taxi driver can be the best possible career.

Why Not Give It A Try?

Around the world, there are various styles of taxis and drivers who fill the ranks. This kind of role is unlike any other and it is certainly one that is worth considering for those who want to make some extra cash. As new services like Uber and Lyft start to move around the world, the opportunities for taxi drivers are constantly increasing.

If you are someone who likes to drive and is looking for a new role, a career as a taxi driver might be right for you. Just make sure that you have the right vehicle and a good taxi insurance policy to cover yourself in case anything was to go wrong.

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