Trump and top House Republican embrace candidate who promoted QAnon conspiracy theory

Elias Hubbard
August 14, 2020

A Georgia businesswoman who was exposed for racist, Islamophobic and anti-Semitic videos has now secured the GOP nomination for a congressional seat. "She's a circus act".

Greene is also part of a growing list of candidates who have expressed support for QAnon, the far-right USA conspiracy theory popular among some supporters of President Donald Trump.

The FBI has designated QAnon a potential domestic extremist threat. Lauren Boebert, another candidate who has expressed support for QAnon, recently upset a five-term congressman in a Republican primary in Colorado. "You want to rise above us".

Longtime state House Rep. Michele Henson, who is Jewish, lost her Democratic runoff in the 86th District. Since then, Greene has faced criticism after POLITICO uncovered hours of videos where she degrades Black people, Muslims and Jews with offensive comments.

In June, McCarthy called Greene's comments "appalling" and he said he had "no tolerance for them". Greene also compared Black Lives Matter activists to neo-Nazis, saying: "Guess what?" "Black people have equal rights".

"The comments made by Ms. Greene are disgusting and don't reflect the values of equality and decency that make our country great", Scalise said.

"We can hold our heads up high for standing up to Greene, just like we did when we stood up to Steve King by supporting Randy Feenstra, which is more than the JDCA can say after they helped [Minnesota Rep.] Ilhan Omar by refusing to speak out about her anti-Semitism", he continued. She won the primary runoff after neither candidate got more than 50 percent of the vote.

"The GOP establishment, the media, & the radical left, spent months & millions of dollars attacking me", she tweeted. "This is a referendum on every single one of us - on our beliefs".

Greene even got a congratulatory note from Trump himself on Wednesday morning.

"Congratulations to future Republican Star Marjorie Taylor Greene on a big Congressional primary win in Georgia against a very tough and smart opponent", Trump tweeted. He added she's "strong on everything and never gives up".

The name "QAnon" comes from the original "source" of the conspiracy theory, a user named "Q" who appeared on the anonymous 4chan user boards, leaving "breadcrumbs" of clues for followers to read in order to stay aware of the situation, often reinterpreting mainstream news stories as being something more than what they were. Supporters of the conspiracy theory baselessly believe that Trump is working against the "deep state" to shut down a global sex trafficking ring involving prominent Democrats and Hollywood celebrities, among other nonsensical ideas, even though the so-called clues have been repeatedly proven wrong.

Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger of IL tweeted Wednesday: "Qanon is a place in Congress for these conspiracies". "This "insider" has predicted so much incorrectly (but people don't remember PAST predictions) so now has switched to vague generalities", Kinzinger wrote after Greene's win. "Could be Russian propaganda or a basement dweller".

"That's right: A QAnon conspiracy theorist is about to become a member of Congress", Noah explained. I sat down and watched one of her more "scandalous" videos, at least according to Politico, and, based strictly on this video I disagree with some of her points (she is wrong on Muslims being sworn in on a Koran); kind of understood her point on some (I don't think black Americans looking at confederate statues should be filled with pride at how far we've gone, but I'm also not insane about toppling statues in parks); and agreed with her on the excesses of the BLM movement. The victor will likely be elected in November in the conservative district.

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