‘Red Dead Online’ is so broken it’s hilarious

Joanna Estrada
August 14, 2020

Animal spawning is one issue which dates back in the game since long before this recent patch.

As previously mentioned, people had begun dressing up as clowns in Red Dead Online to protest the lack of significant updates following Moonshiners which was released in December 2019.

Now the community probably feels even more like Ronald McDonald thanks to the boatload of issues following update 1.21 such as error ce-34878-0 on PS4.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Online keeps crashing on PS4 with error ce-34878-0 appearing shortly afterwards. Reddit user u/KnlKorn posted a video of a horse moving in a rather unnatural way on the subreddit for Red Dead Online: If this isn't the funniest thing I've seen today. from r/RedDeadOnline Furthermore, a moderator for r/RedDeadOnline, u/MagnarHD, has compiled a list of new bugs in Red Dead Online: • Error message: "The save data player is corrupted and can not be loaded" _ PC Issues: • Alt+tabbing causes a crash to desktop _ Bounty Issues: • can not interact with Bounty Board.

For much of the week, Rockstar's Red Dead Online has been all kinds of broken for players, as folks report everything from deserted landscapes to magical horses to the presence of a lone, mysterious bald man, sometimes the only NPC on the map. The developer is aware of the problems and working on numerous fixes.

Unfortunately, even if Red Dead Online doesn't crash again, there's still a myriad of other issues with the game.

The issues listed there are just the surface; the Read Dead Online community has been reporting many odd bugs and glitches over the past 24 hours that include, but are not limited to: being unable to shoot animals, trails of fire extending from wagons, invisible horses, a creepy bald dude arriving in lobbies, trains appearing from nowhere, and a lack of NPCs in the world.

Rockstar has already responded with the tweet above and a link to the Rockstar support site.

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