Sega to Release More Games on PC Due to Persona 4 Golden Success

Joanna Estrada
August 10, 2020

Following their Fiscal Year Ending March 2021 Q1 results, Sega Sammy has started talking about Persona 4 Golden and how its PC sales have helped bolster faith in more Persona games being released off-consoles. The investor asked if Sega has any plans for further porting titles over to Steam on the back of P4G's success, and the answer was an unequivocal 'Yes'.

If releasing Persona 4 Golden on Steam appeared to be a no-brainer, turns out that it was, as released by Sega COO Haruki Satomi. Because of the game's critical acclaim and its low selling price, sales were much stronger than expected. In the future, we would like to proactively pursue porting previously released titles onto Steam and other new platforms. Furthermore, regarding new games in the future, we will negotiate with the platform holders and examine different methods of selling each title case-by-case under favorable conditions. "Among them are measures such as preparing PC versions of the titles from the beginning, with multi-platform releases in mind".

For what it's worth, Persona 4 Golden sold over 500K copies on the PC in its first month.

While Catherine: Full Body recently released on the Nintendo Switch as an exclusive, it similarly bodes well for the very desired titles such as Persona 5 (The) Royal.

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