Robert Pattinson attempted to lie to Christopher Nolan about his Batman audition

Lawrence Kim
August 10, 2020

"So I had to lie to Chris about having to go for a screen test a" I said I had a family emergency.

As reported by the Irish Times (via Entertainment Weekly), Pattinson was filming Nolan's Tenet during the audition period for The Batman, which meant leaving one extremely secretive Blockbuster to go visit the burgeoning production of another extremely secretive Blockbuster.

"Pattinson wasn't any better at keeping secrets: "It's amusing because Chris is so secretive about everything to do with his movies", says the actor, who was shooting Matt Reeves" The Batman when that production was temporarily halted in February. In Tenet, he works with Christopher Nolan for the very first time and stars alongside John David Washington.

Another way Tenet helped Pattinson prepare for the world of Batman, and particularly being able to handle the Batmobile, was the training and work that went into filming a scene for Tenet that involved a very hard vehicle chase sequence where the actor had to do his own stunt work. For the latter, Robert had to obviously beef up and got some major assistance from his Tenet co-star Washington. John David can run all day long. "The maximum workout I do most of the time is a casual stroll". "When you watch the movie, you're like, "I just did the same thing as I did in the other one" and it's kind of... you've always got to avoid doing that". While a few names did leak online, chances are we may never know the full list of actors who tried out for the role.

Are you excited to see Robert Pattinson in both Tenet and The Batman?

You can see Robert Pattinson barrel down a highway like a madman when Tenet begins opening in select theaters in the U.S. on September 3, 2020.

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