Does Spelunky 2 have online multiplayer?

Joanna Estrada
August 9, 2020

Thanks to BlitWorks, you'll be able to go online next month and play these modes with friends and family around the world! Spelunky 2 had been first announced back in late 2017 and was set to come to PlayStation 4 and Steam before other consoles. For those who played Spelunky on their console, they had to stick with local co-op, which is ideal for that type of game. And it is actually the remake of the most beloved "roguelike" which was launched for PC in the year 2008. Well, the upgraded version became a hit and was later launched for the PS3, PS Vita, PC, and PS4. It looks like new puzzles have been added to the game that force you to think creatively when it comes to making your way from the top of the level to the exit towards the bottom. The Spelunky 2 release date was revealed during yesterday's State of Play live stream from Sony. What made things even better is the way the trailer ended... with an official release date!

The game is coming to Steam, too. You can ride on turkeys (and other mounts, apparently). This sounds like fun! Spelunky 2 features more characters, new environments, a refreshed art style, and loads more mechanics that together make each run both challenging and exciting. Spelunky's creator has hinted in the past that the world will have a mysterious "second layer," too, that can be accessed via hidden gates. Prepare to get all the moon you can ask for and more.

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